Aquachange Top Line

Coin changer – Common tokens

Coin changer in stainless steel with graphic colour display, with control and instrumentation of the various wash tracks, utility compartment equipment, track lighting, accounting data concentration.

Technical features

  • General programming of all system operation data and parameters


  • Coiner (alloy detector) to accept Euro coins
  • Banknote reader to accept Euro banknotes
  • Token dispenser
  • Heater and fan

Optional features

  • Second token dispenser
  • Second banknote reader
  • GPRS Modem for transmitting data and alarms

It may be equipped with:

  • Electronic coiner, up to 2 banknote readers, up to 3 token/change dispensers, token or contactless Smart Coin Card dispenser and charger, ready for POS payment system (Debit Card)
  • LED lighting of the console and every payment system
  • GPRS Modem for transmitting data and alarms
  • In case of using 3 coin changers, both are able to control all functions in redundancy
  • Recessed installation version with rear opening or for ground installation with base and front opening with safety lock
  • Money compartment separate from electronic control and token loading (optional)