By choosing Aquarama, you have not just purchased a technologically advanced product with an innovative design, but you have acquired an efficient and competent service network, able to support the Customer in system use and maintenance throughout its service life, optimising its performance and protecting the investment.

The Authorised Aquarama Service Centres consist of skilled personnel with multi-year experience in installation and maintenance of car wash systems and are spread throughout the territory to offer a quick, effective and cost-efficient service.

The Authorised Aquarama Service Centres have a well-stocked spare parts inventory to solve most issues as of the first service call and exclusively use original parts.

Aquarama deals directly with training at its Service Centres, organizing periodic refresher courses so that the engineers have an in-depth knowledge of all machines and are therefore able to operate with precision and safety to adjust them according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

In addition to providing the emergency service in case of breakdowns, the Authorised Service Centres are also able to provide all indications for proper routine maintenance and offer customisable scheduled maintenance plans to maintain the machines always efficient and avert the risk of system downtime at peak times.